Christmas-Spiced Jam | Keto

Per 100g
49 Cals | 1.3g Fat | 1.5g Protein | 7.8g Carbs | 4g Net Carbs

Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Blueberries,
Chia Seeds, Swerve, Liquid Stevia, Fresh Ginger,
Orange Zest, Ground Cinnamon, Ground Cloves

During WWII there was widespread anxiety about a shortage of food. The Women’s Institute came to the rescue. A government grant in 1940 gave them £1,400 to buy sugar for jam. As a result, 1,631 tons of preserves were made in more than 5,000 ‘preservation centres’ in farm kitchens, village halls or sheds. They were largely made by volunteers, under the guidance of the Ministry of Health. 5,300 tons of fruit were preserved between 1940 and 1945. – Violet Hudson, Spectator


Jam to me is the most delicious way one could possibly consume fruit.


The thought of eating jam, especially jam-sandwiches transports me back to childhood days of enjoying strawberry-jam and butter sandwiches, cut into little quarters, of course.


Even to this day, one of my most favourite parts of indulging in afternoon tea or cream tea is slathering beautiful, sticky jam across a warm scone (of course after the clotted-cream). A truly glorious moment of British indulgence.


The history of jam-making is perfectly preserved throughout history too (pun intended!). In fact, a recipe for jam indeed appears in one of the earliest known cookbooks, “De Re Coquinaria“, or “The Art of Cooking”, by gastronome, Marcus Gavius Apicius, which dates back to first century AD!


My love of sugary-sweet jam and desire to follow a low-carb lifestyle simply do not mix. Naturally you can imagine my excitement upon discovering this wonderfully simple to make, deliciously fruity and aromatic recipe from a staple resource; the first low-carb book I ever bought, The KetoDiet Cookbook.


This particular recipe features on page 40 of Martina Slajerova’s wonderful book.


It’s yet another example of how a low-carb lifestyle does not stop you from enjoying favourites. There are many simple-to-follow, delicious alternatives waiting to be discovered.

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