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Analysts predict gamification will become integrated into more than 85% of daily tasks by the year 2020. If you’re a gamification “n00b” – it’s back to Level 1 for you.

Now, for the expert gamers: Over the course of this four-part blog series, we’ve explored multiple theoretical frameworks and real world examples that demonstrate our propensity for gamification.

It seems that, not only does gamification allow the user to ‘psychologically extend’ their reach into a broader Eco-system, but it can foster brand loyalty as users carve out a meaningful, personalised narrative amidst a sea of big data.

Big Data – It’s Raining Money

Remember – everything we do and think leaves a trace of data, most of which vanishes or becomes useless if not facilitated and actioned digitally. In fact, as mentioned in a previous blog, 60% of useful sensory data loses value in milliseconds if not captured, analyzed, and utilized effectively.

The world of video games has set the bar for capturing user data and decisions in order to create an addictive virtual narrative. However, as our ‘real’ lives become more digital; and more of what we do is mediated or enhanced by technology, there arises a real opportunity to mobilize and monetize user data through gamification principles.

With every digital action that users take, they offer invaluable information regarding their interests, habits and preferences, all entirely unique to each individual. Companies who capture this data and provide a narrative for users have already seen measurable results; which looks only to increase as our lives become ever more digitalized. For example, after introducing gamification elements to their sales process, NetApp, Caesars Entertainment, and Thomson Reuters have reported:

  • A 9% increase in sales
  • A 10% increase in service
  • An 81% increase in collaboration
  • A 373% increase in learning

The Internet of People

By the year 2020, up to 100 billion devices could emerge onto the global IoT landscape. As smart devices and infrastructure continue to rapidly improve and expand, we should recognize that people – not gadgets – still lie at the center of all this activity.

As the vast amount of tacit knowledge generated by technology usage gets increasingly captured digitally, our ability to apply contextual integrity to this sea of data through gamification will not only allow us to understand ourselves like never before, but will enable organizations to drive loyalty and engagement – paving the way to a new era of connected personalization and consumer advocacy.

As this form of IT consumerisation reaches critical mass and the novelty of smart objects fades, our data-driven self-awareness will ultimately transcend the Internet of Things itself. Indeed, as we make the leap from raw data proliferation to personal meaning, we gain the opportunity to move to a future of smart, empowered human beings – the Internet of People.

Activating Gamification With Wi-Fi

With the proliferation of connected mobile devices hurtling us toward the Zettabyte era, global IP traffic looks set to grow at a compound annual rate of 22 per cent each year until 2020.

Ever greater demands on bandwidth require organizations to invest in Wi-Fi that can not only satisfy usage demands of today, but also adapt and grow with future needs. Without this, organizations run the risk of not only losing the data analytics game, but missing the race completely. Cultivating a data-driven relationship with stakeholders, in a way that achieves a narrative, remains key to ensuring relevancy and competitive advantage in the future. If you fail to provide flawless Wi-Fi, or deny yourself the ability to easily manage and monitor that Wi-Fi, you’ll find yourself in a situation similar to driving a car with no pedals – eventually you’ll either crash or run out of gas.

To make sure you participate in the emerging Internet of People, we put together a simple Wi-Fi checklist to get you started.

  • Opt for Wi-Fi access points (APs) that provide 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi, with the ability to expand and grow, letting you add capacity over time to cope with future demand.
  • Look to a Wi-Fi solution that allows the network to gear towards 5GHz over time; easily and inexpensively.
  • Ensure your network ties into a simple management system that enables you to easily monitor and control things like guest access, devices, location, and application usage on the network – all in real-time.
  • Look to distributed Wi-Fi architecture that integrates controller processing power into all APs, eliminating the risk that your network will collapse from a single point of failure.
  • Explore effective solutions that enable you to capture, interpret and action user data in a way that allows you to understand your users and tailor future offerings to them.
  • Build into your marketing process a simple solution that can action the data captured from network usage, and leverage it to create an application or campaign that gives users a meaningful narrative to follow. See here for examples.
  • Stay agile. Maintain your willingness to evolve and adapt to changing needs, as new data and insights from network usage get captured.

Gamification brings a ‘neural layer’ to the sea of interactions taking place over wireless networks. If we don’t provide meaning and structure to users’ digital footprints, the actionable big data generated becomes futile and overwhelming.

The implication? As more of what humans do becomes digitally captured, organizations that hope to stay relevant must find ways to use gamification throughout all stages of the customer experience. And anyone looking to take on gamification has to invest in at least one crucial tool – a future proof Wi-Fi solution.

Wi-Fi provides the foundation upon which user interactions and experiences can start to take place, supplying you with a steady stream of data that’s ripe for analysis and action. But try and make do without it, and it’s Game Over.

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