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80g Buckwheat Flour
200ml Almond Milk
25ml Maple Syrup
2.5 tsb Cacao Powder
2 tsp Almond Butter

5 tbs coconut oil

Serves one hungry person, approximately five pancakes

Sometimes you just need a hearty stack of pancakes. Whenever I begin my morning with a pile of this delicious density it really starts my day off right. This pancake recipe is wonderfully simple, but it comes across like one has made a special effort.

Like with cereal, I’m a strong believer that pancakes are for all times of the day. Aside from breakfast, I’ve been known to enjoy them for dinner in the evening too. They’re substantial enough to completely satisfy both savoury and sweet cravings, plus there is no limit to topping choices. Ah, the joys of being an adult and eating dessert for dinner!

The Method


Add together the buckwheat flour, cacao powder, almond milk, maple syrup and almond butter, and mix until the consistency resembles thick pancake mix. I personally use my NutriBullet for this recipe to whizz all the ingredients up, but you can use any blender or mix by hand in a mixing bowl.

This recipe works well with a variety of different flours, including brown rice flour, almond flour and coconut flour – but I find the buckwheat flour really gives it its substantialness.

Contrary to many people’s assumptions, buckwheat is actually suitable to those with coeliac disease as it is completely wheat, and indeed gluten-free (despite the name). Native to Northern Europe, as well as Asia, Buckwheat contains many phytonutrients, purpose-built with health benefits for the body. Buckwheat has been known to benefit the cardiovascular system, better blood-sugar control, and even protect against heart disease, heart failure, and certain cancers.

Despite the name, buckwheat is actually suitable to those with coeliac disease as it is completely wheat, and indeed gluten-free.



Once your pancake mix is ready, place a flat pan over a medium-to-high heat and melt a little coconut oil. I do find that these cook best with ample coconut oil, so I would suggest using up to a teaspoon per pancake to make sure they don’t stick



Pour a small dollop of pancake mix into the pan; about 7-10cm in diameter. It should immediately start to sizzle and cook. If it does not, I’d turn the heat up a little. I’d recommend slightly smaller pancake circles as they’re easier to work with. Don’t spread it too thinly

Leave your pancake to cook on the bottom side until it’s ready to flip and then allow it to cook completely through. Believe me this mixture does not taste good when it’s not cooked properly.

Repeat the process for the rest of your pancake mix, stacking them as you go



Once all your pancake mix is done, I’d get started on your topping of choice! I would highly recommend a nice, sweet topping to complement the savoury density of the pancake mix. Here are some variations I personally love:

  • Lashings of maple syrup
  • Homemade jam
  • Fresh berries
  • Melted hazelnut cacao-maca spread
  • Caramelized apples, bananas, or blueberries
    • The way I like to prepare this topping is heat a little coconut oil in a pan on a medium heat, add your fruit and let it begin to cook. Next add some maple syrup, turning up the heat,moving it around the pan until it becomes delectably sticky. Immediately take it off the heat and pour it straight on top of your stack

Have tried, tested and loved variations? I’d love to see your creations on Twitter and InstaΒ – they always look so delicious.


Enjoy xx

img_9979Buckwheat Pancakes Topped With Caramelised Apple, Banana And Blueberries

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