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Could gamification help you to level up in your career?

Gamification is a strategy to influence, engage and motivate groups of people. And according to the IEEE, it’s on track to be integrated into 85% of our lives by the year 2020.

If you somehow found a cheat to get to Level 3 and have never heard of ‘gamification,’ GAME OVER. Go back to Level One to get up to speed. We’ll wait for you.

We’re All Gamers

Whether it’s getting competitive when you use your FitBit, ‘checking in’ to achieve a new badge on Yelp, opting to fly with a certain airline to earn miles, or finally reaching Gold rewards status at Starbucks, there’s no use denying it – you’ve been gamified.

It seems these days we’re all ‘gamers,’ with gamification appearing in a multitude of consumer and industry applications. We are unconsciously adopting addictive gaming elements into our everyday lives because they allow us to ‘play for purpose,’ triggering our core motivational drivers of achievement, affiliation and power.

As the IEEE predicts, “our mobile devices will be the hub for all the ‘games’ we’ll be playing throughout a normal day by tracking the data we submit and using it to connect to everything.” This trend is converging with the observed proliferation of mobile devices and wearables that is pegged by Gartner to skyrocket five-fold to 25 billion by 2020.

Gamification: An Example of ‘IT Consumerisation’

The days when information technology was the exclusive realm of IT professionals are long gone. Sophisticated IT knowledge is now accessible to consumers everywhere. The ubiquitous presence of consumer technology has driven what has been coined ‘IT consumerisation.’

Simply put, employees want to enjoy the same intuitive, user-friendly experience of their home technology when they go into the office. Have you ever left home, where the latest smart technology reigns supreme, only to sit at a frustratingly slow, outmoded desktop at work? This is why BYOD happened, triggering the massive entry of consumer-choice technology into the corporate space. It’s an employee-driven IT revolution that has gradually blurred the line between recreational and work technology.

This behavioural trend looks to be the blueprint for transposing gamification from recreational consumer apps into a meaningful function for the workplace. Clearly, this appears to be the next iteration of IT consumerisation.

Tom Coughlin, IEEE Senior Member, imagines that by 2020, “However many points you have at work will help determine the kind of raise you get or which office you sit in. Outside factors will still be important, but those that can be quantified numerically will increasingly be tracked with ‘game points.’”

As explored in Level Two, consumer-engaging gamification efforts will vary in longevity. In a millennial world where partial attention and rapid innovation are constant, the gamification narrative of any consumer-facing application inevitably has to move aside to make way for what’s next.

As gamification consumerises into a familiar format for engaging with brands and learning new ideas, the true (and largely untapped) potential of this trend lies in the enterprise. There, the narrative follows a much longer game that always stays relevant – your career.

As the co-founder of Badgeville, Tony Ventrice explains, “Major corporations have workforces of thousands. Corporate employment at all levels is experiencing a crisis of engagement. And most importantly, the workplace provides compelling material for a story. It’s a story of cooperation, competition, advancement, failure and success. Most of the time these stories are told over the dinner table and then forgotten. Gamification provides a means to remember, and people—employees—want to remember.“

Prominent corporations such as Google, Microsoft and Deloitte have adopted aspects of game play to increase employee satisfaction, improve training and enhance focus. A key principle is that gamification should enhance work, not exploit workers. Gaming techniques should encourage employees to adopt habits that benefit the company while also creating a fun atmosphere.

How Will You Play the Game?

In a gamified working environment, we may categorise employees into four main groupings, or ‘Bartle types.’ Will you play your cards right? Which do you identify with the most?

 Achievers (diamonds)

  • Achievers need to feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • Strengths: Hard-working, result orientated, focused on constant improvement.
  • Weaknesses: Dislike competition, require praise.

♠ Explorers (spades)

  • These types of players like to discover, create and learn.
  • Strengths: Problem-solvers, detail orientated, comfortable in glitchy/beta environments.
  • Weaknesses: Dislike repetition, get bored

♥ Socialisers (hearts)

  • Socialisers thrive in interactive and collaborative team environments.
  • Strengths: Relationship building, networking, delegating.
  • Weaknesses: Distractible, dislike isolated work, can be inefficient

♣ Killers (clubs)

  • These players are motivated by competition.
  • Strengths: Thrive under pressure, analytical, efficient.
  • Weaknesses: Can intimidate other employees, can create hostility in the workplace.

Cutting the Cable: Enterprise Gamification Demands Mobility 

Did you figure out which type of gamer you are in the workplace? Comment below and let us know!

Gamification in the workplace may be the next manifestation of IT consumerisation. The ubiquitous provision of smart, mobile technology allows us to blend work and recreation.

This entire concept of adopting consumer-choice technology  into the workplace depends upon implementing a Wi-Fi infrastructure that provides a seamless, uninterrupted and consistent user experience. For employees the expectation of omnipresent smart technology is uncompromising, especially as millennials and the iGeneration enter the workplace. Is your Wi-Fi ready for the next wave of IT consumerisation?

The future of an engaged workplace demands Xtreme density management. Is your network ready? The new Xirrus XD2 delivers Wi-Fi that is 3x faster than 802.11ac Wave 1. Why not level up and try it for free?

This game is almost complete. Be sure to reach the last level to discover how gamification can help you get the most out of your Wi-Fi network.


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