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I recently visited a little gem I frequent on Regent Street, London named Shoryu Ramen. Since its opening in November 2012 they have been offering their Hakata Tonkotsu ramen, a recipe which was specially designed by executive chef, Kanji Furukawa. 
Shoryu translates to mean ‘to bring good fortune’.

I find Shoryu to be an understated, modest establishment, however its popularity speaks for itself. You cannot reserve a table ahead of time and frequently I spot a line that reaches way outside into the busy streets of Soho. A ringing endorsement in itself and an indication of quality before you even enter the front door!
Their menu is refreshingly simple – as their name suggests, they mainly offer steaming bowls of ramen, amongst other small plates and of course, steamed buns!

I HAD to try their steamed buns as this delicious creation is one of my latest favourites. For those yet to discover these beauties, a steamed bun – as the name suggests, consists of a variety of fillings, encased in a pillowy, fluffy steamed-dough bun

I opted to try two different variations, the Char Sui barbecue pork belly (left) and the soy marinated chicken Karaage (right). Now I’m never short of an opinion, but I REFUSE to pick a favourite, they are both unbelievably spot-on. The pork belly was packed with flavour and smothered in charred-sweet sauce, which married well with the crunch of the salad and the softness of the bun, whilst the contrast of the crispiness of the chicken against the cloud-soft bun was to die for!

You just simply have to try these, plus they offer more variations on their menu, namely; their ginger salmon Tatsutage, their tiger prawn Tempura, and their vegetarian-friendly, grilled Halloumi & Shimeji mushrooms.

Quite honestly, after those two delicious helpings of steamed buns – I really couldn’t imagine tackling their rich, generous serving of Ramen – I had to give myself a break! 

But I finally opted for their Kotteri Hakata Tonkotsu – their signature 12-hour ramen, but with a richer, meatier broth. 

I loved this dish, it has variety, balance and is the exact antidote to a hectic day, rushing around London. This steaming bowl of warmth allows you to take a much-needed pause.
Ok, I will admit that I had to take half of this serving home to enjoy, however I’d argue that after the flavours were able to muddle for even longer it made for an even more delicious serving. Don’t be ashamed to take your ramen on the tube home!

Shoryu Ramen isn’t the least expensive establishment you can visit, but its comforting simplicity, packed with flavour keeps me coming back. A would definitely recommend this to anyone who is an Asian-food lover. Or to anyone who has yet to try their first bowl of Ramen or steamed-bun – this is a great place to start!
…And a tip to any Ramen-lover on a budget – you can take a ramen, steamed-bun and a drink to go for just £12 with their go PACKAGE
I’ve only ever visited their Regent St. location, but why not visit their other restaurants located in Soho, Carnaby and Liverpool Street? Does anyone have a preference? Let me know!
Happy Slurping!

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