Ai Sushi | Bliss or Miss?


London, UK
Lycée Juice
Ebi Maki (8 pieces)
Gyoza (4 pieces)
Tuna Maki (6 Pieces)
Soft Shell Crab Maki (8 pieces)

I always have time for sushi and this impromptu visit to the Ai Sushi in North London gave me a perfect opportunity to sample their versions of Japanese classics.
Ai Sushi is everything a Japanese joint should be, with cushions on the floor, bamboo sprouting out of the ground and copious helpings of soy sauce and green tea.
The menu has everything I would expect from a Japanese menu, a variety of delicious starters, maki, nigiri, sashimi and hot dishes. I however had sushi on the brain.
(Not sure what these items mean? Check out the handy sushi guide at the bottom of the post!)
Those of you reading along to my blogs will know as soon as I see Lycée on the menu I will order it, so of course I selected this delicious juice to accompany my food.
My first order was the ‘Ebi Maki’ – crunchy prawn and avocado wrapped in sesame sprinkled sticky rice. I have to say this was the winning dish of the night for us.
We also sampled some Gyoza, these came bursting with freshly prepared chicken and vegetables and were a nice addition to the sushi, I do however prefer my gyoza more crispy.
We also tried their soft-shell crab Maki, this was also a winner with the delicately sweet crab meat, complimenting the dense mayonnaise and light cucumber.
Just to finish off, we selected to try some Tuna Maki – incredibly simple with maki filled with just a small chunk of tuna meat, it was a good addition to round off the meal to ensure fullness with an inexpensive dish at £3.60 for six pieces.
The food was delicious and the service was excellent, very attentive and friendly – I would say the price point was medium and Ai Sushi definitely get points taken off as they have an illusive ‘all you can eat’ menu which was available, but we were not made aware. I feel this is something we would have certainly opted for, it’s just a shame we missed out on that opportunity.
None the less, tasty sushi, friendly service in a cute, authentic environment.
I also thought I’d attach my Sushi infographic – for those Sushi beginners out there!

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