Dürüm | Bliss or Miss?

London, UK
Cherry Juice
Ispanak Boregi (Pastry Filled with Feta Cheese & Spinach)
Ali Nazik Kebap (Grilled Aubergine, Garlic, Yoghurt, and Lamb Beyti)
Keskul (Almond-based Milk Pudding)

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Why Your First Love Is Overrated

Now, this is probably one of the soppiest posts I will ever write, so excuse me for that. But this has been on my mind recently.

first love overrated broken heart

I have been a long believer that your first love is someone that makes a permanent mark on you, that you will never truly let go of – there are so so many references and hype around your first love – even a Google search of ‘first love’ reveals over 3 billion results! That’s more than ‘Jesus’ (sorry Jesus)…people live for love, they search for it, they long for it. But this article, like I’m sure many before me discusses why your second love is something to get excited over.

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Inamo St. James | Bliss or Miss?

This is a restaurant I’ve been looking forward to reviewing for a long time and it is after my second visit to Inamo St. James that I write about my visits.
My first visit to Inamo was for my Father’s Birthday and I was so shocked by the service that I tweeted them. With all due credit to them, they responded and offered me a chance to experience Inamo again with a £100 cover to sweeten the deal. I have to hand it to their managerial staff members here, they sure know how to resolve an issue and really listened to me and that is something I prize so highly.

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The Clam Shell | Bliss or Miss?

For those of you who don’t know, my family actually come from Scotland. I love making the journey up to this beautiful country and last week was no exception. 
This edition’s #BlissorMiss is something of a confession. During my stay in lovely, historic Edinburgh – I did the unthinkable and went for it. I had to finally try a DEEP FRIED MARS BAR.

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