I am totally in love with Pinterest at the moment – it is such a perfect and simple way to make collections and collages of things you want to remember – if you’ve never tried it before, please take the time to download the ‘Pin it’ button and give it a try. Now whenever I see something on the web I’d like to remember or collect, I just click ‘pin it’ and select which board I want to display it on. Simple and brilliant.

Also here’s a great tip! If you’re someone who likes to make a Brithday or Christmas wish list – this is absolutely perfect! I’ve made a board called ‘I want‘ and I just pin different things on there I either want to buy for myself or for those who follow me and can’t think what to get me for a present – they can just take a look at my Pinterest board and know they’re onto a winner!

My other boards include: ‘The Look‘ – ‘Home‘ – ‘Wedding‘ – ‘Marketing & Typography‘ – ‘FoodLove‘ – ‘People‘ and my very favourite, ‘Le monde oΓΉ mon esprit appartient‘. It’s a board I can’t really describe, just a collection of things that sing to my very soul.

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