Missing in Action

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all been well.

So I know it’s been ages since I’ve written anything…but I want to draw your attention to a new blog I’ve been writing!
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So as you may be aware, I’m studying social media at my business school with Dr. Rhiannon McDonnell and one part of our coursework is to create content on a platform we’re unfamiliar with….I choose Tumblr and I’m still largely trying to figure out how to use it most effectively.

Originally I thought of Tumblr as as just a deep, dark place for insomniacs and major fan-girls, but I was very wrong, there are some beautiful blogs out there!

So those of you in Tumblr world, I’d love it if you came to join me while I try my best to create and maintain a blog over there. I will be back here after the course is up, although I hope to keep up the posting on Tumblr too!

Bliss or Miss is not meant to be majorly serious, just something fun and aesthetically pleasing, with a simple concept – I shall pass my opinion on experiences and product that brought me bliss, or that I think you should give a miss. #blissormiss

So please check it out and tell me what you think, I’d love to hear tips and ideas!

Find my blog at: Bliss or Miss

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