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This week, I had the impromptu pleasure of dining at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants.
We’re already onto a winner before I’ve even stepped inside because I am likely to support anything that angry and brilliant Scottish man does.
I sat down for lunch at his very own, ‘Bread Street Kitchen‘, situated in the heart of the City of London. (Might I add, right next to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, Barbecoa)
What actually struck me the most was just the sheer size of the first floor, it is really quite vacuous, but with a rustic/art-deco-esque feel.
To make sense of it, I guess you could think of it as, where Italian cuisine meets corporate London and the result is quite a unique restaurant of modern, clean-cut decor, strewn with well-placed homely-touches
I began my visit with a Cosmopolitan – whilst some may see this as too much on a Monday lunchtime, I can at least position myself as a cosmo-connoisseur as an excuse.
I have to say, it was one of the best cosmos I have ever had – I just wish there was more of it! Made with Tanqueray Gin and Pierre Ferrand dry Curaçao with Blossoms raspberry syrup and fresh lemon juice; it was fruity, floral and perfectly balanced.
I decided to start with a comforting bowl of Rigatoni. I can never resist this type of over sized pasta tubes, especially when it comes with aubergine (my favourite vegetable), and cheese (mozzarella and Pecorino Romano) Double cheese? Sold!
The generous-size-for-a-starter was by no means beautiful, but it was beautifully simple, perfectly al dente and comforting.
Remaining with the comfort food, I then tried the spiced braised lamb shank with mash potato, baby onions and orange gremolata. The meat was as tender-soft as I’d hoped (with maybe a little too much skin and fat for me) and the mash potato were buttery clouds. I enjoyed it very much, however I would say the rest of the dish actually wasn’t packed with flavour, including the jus-y sauce surrounding the dish.
The staff were pleasant, especially the chefs behind the counter. I would however say the waiting staff were relatively vacant; forgetting to take our drink order at the start or mis-remembering details – perhaps this is usual, perhaps they were just having a day-dreamy afternoon – either way I can just imagine Mr. Ramsay taking a characteristic melt-down at certain points of the service.
I was thrilled to dine as this pleasant, bright and vibrant establishment and I would be happy to return for the comforting home food and excellent cocktails. Overall I rate this experience as certified….

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