JANUARY | My Month in Pictures

So the first month of 2014 is already over and time is flying. Here is my monthly overview in pictures!

I started this month standing on a freezing cold bridge in London looking over to the ‘London Eye’ – it was windy, wet and cold, but the fireworks were spectacular.

I allowed myself one more day of naughty eating and then it was back to watching my calories and getting back into the gym, with my gym buddy and boyfriend! It’s going pretty well so far, but I have a long way to go! Check out my earlier post to see my progress: ‘Witness the Fitness

January normally fills me with renewed aspiration and massive motivation to do better, however if I’m honest, this year I feel like this has been somewhat delayed…I feel a little set back since my knee surgery in August and so I don’t feel like I quite have my ‘mojo’ back, so I’m afraid January has been filled with conflicting feelings of wanting to strive to reach my ambitions and an over-whelming feeling of disappointment and frustration that I’m not there yet. But I guess it’s this crushing feeling that all ambitious people feel – you can either let it eat you alive or empower you to get going…I’m forever striving to do the latter.

So January in the life of a student means one thing…EXAMS! I had four exams this term and I’m still awaiting the results of these, cross your fingers and toes for me! I actually found my subjects to be fascinating this term and they encapsulated a mixture of things that truly inspire and provoke thought.  Including a renewed and more in-depth appreciation for cultural differences in and out of business; further knowledge about generation demography in business and how this affects the future landscape of the workplace and a newly cemented appreciation for ‘the triple bottom line‘ and ‘stakeholder theory‘ (from my lecturer, André Spicer)

January was also a time of loss for me and there were two people who were claimed too soon, a talented woman I have trained with in Taekwon-Do, Lorna Wright, IV Degree and a beautiful and vibrant individual, Andrew Cooper. Both passed away way before their time. I attended Andy’s farewell last week and it was just so upsetting to say goodbye, but lovely to see how adored he is – I’ll always remember him as fun, vivacious and mischievous. Rest in Peace Lorna and Andy, life really is so short and can disappear in a second 

I am proud to say that this month I decided to start from scratch with this website – a new blog, a new look entirely and I’m really happy with it. I’m enjoying learning how to build different elements and integrating them together and it’s very refreshing starting from the beginning again! What do you think?

…so it’s goodbye January and hello February! I’ve ended this month with a positive outlook on the future and plenty of energy to do it – so it’s plenty of reading, researching, planning, creating, gyming and laughing!


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