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Recently I have been loving Twitter so much!
Casting my mind back to 2009, when I first signed up I wanted to see what the fuss was about with the ‘tweeting’ and all this ‘#hashtag’ nonsense – “What on Earth does that even mean??” – I thought…and so I joined the crowd and was so disappointed! I didn’t get it! Is it just Facebook statuses without all the other fun? I felt so lonely in Twitter-world and if you’re feeling the same as me – you’re doing it wrong!

Without launching into a Twitter-lecture, I always tell people that it is not for friends, it’s for interacting with businesses and causes you care about. Twitter is an amazing world of information on everything that may interest you and it’s a fun and effective way to create and share knowledge.
Recently I’ve been fascinated by the power of Twitter and some companies really use it well, here are some examples I’ve come across…

ASOSΒ oh ASOS how I love you, even when you go wrong! These guys really do have it all sorted when it comes to customer service and have a dedicated Twitter username just for dealing with customer complaints @Asos_heretohelp.Β They really are ‘here to help’ and are so quick and responsive


Deloitte I have been totally loving Deloitte’s Twitter activity recently and they really made a impact with their illustrations of Twitter users’ quotes; they even picked one of mine! With the hashtag #DeloitteDavosLive, people like me where able to join in and Deloitte provided real results with this fun, creative approach to interaction

Innocent Those who know Innocent will be well aware of their distinctive brand voice, however their ‘Big Knit‘ campaign each year is one of the most fun and effective examples of co-creation I can think of. The whole idea behind this campaign is that consumers are to knit or buy mini hats to place on their smoothies, with proceeds going to Age UK. These little hats are just too cute to leave on the shelf so of course I had to get involved!
Those are just a snapshot of my favourite Twitter legends, but there are so many others – do you have any examples? Maybe this has inspired you to either re-kindle your love for Twitter or to sign up. Like pretty much everything, Twitter does take a little while to fall in love with, but hopefully like me you’ll discover how rewarding, powerful and creatively inspiring it can be!Β 
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